Monday, February 21, 2011


This past week my Jr.High School 2nd year students practiced body parts as well as listening skills with a drawing activity. After getting into groups each student was given the same template which was in the basic shape of a body. The students mission was to listen as I described the monkey character called "Monkichi" and to draw the monkey according to my description.

The descriptions were as followed.

1. He has two eyes. His right eye is bigger than his left eye.
2. He has a very small nose.
3. He has a big mouth.
4. He has cool eyebrows. They are thick like ajitsuke-nori (Seaweed)
5. He has a big pocket on his stomach.
6. He has very short legs.
7. His right ear is smaller than his left ear.
8. His right hand is higher than his left hand.
9. He has a very long tail. His tail is longer than a jump rope.

As you can see many students took some liberties with Monkichi's overall design. I also think its funny that for description #9 some students could only comprehend the word jump rope and thus gave him one.

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